Latihan Soal UN SMK Bahasa Inggris 2018


Welcome back guys! Di postingan kali ini saya akan membagikan soal Latihan UN SMK Mapel Bahasa Inggris, yang tentunya cocok buat kalian yang sedang mencari contoh-contoh soal untuk menghadapi UN tahun depan. Khususnya bagi adik-adik kelas XII SMK atau bisa juga buat anak SMA karena soal tidak jauh berbeda. Jadi, tidak ada salahnya anak SMA juga mencoba latihan soal ini. 
Sebelumnya saya minta maaf sebelum kalian membaca lebih jauh lagi. Karena di soal yang saya bagikan ini mungkin ada yang aneh, apa itu? Yapp, benar. Soalnya dimulai dari No.16, Kok dari No.16 mas? tidak dari no.1. Karena jika dimulai dari no.1 itu ada listening section, dan terlebih juga saya tidak punya file mp3 untuk listening section-nya. Jadi, kalian cukup latihan soalnya dari No.16.

Tanpa berbasa-basi lagi, Latihan Soal UN SMK Bahasa Inggris 2018 adalah sebagai berikut.

Questions number 16 - 18 refer to the following text!
Labuan Bajo, also spelled Labuhanbajo, is a city at the tip of Flores Island in Indonesia. It has a domestic airport receiving flights from Denpasar and other Indonesian Airports. Labuan is commonly used as the jump off point to Komodo Island and Rinca to view the extensive wildlife on land and under water. It is beautiful and interesting place to spend a few days and witness the local culture and areas close by such as the villages and weaves. 
There are also a string of beautiful beaches on the mainland and the incredible mountain ranges. The surrounding sea is idyllic for diving and snorkeling. Divers will especially be happy here as the diving here presents some of the largest sea fans in the world, massively diverse corals and fish as well as large creatures such as manta rays, whale shark, and a number of other large creatures such as dolphins.  

16. What is the text about?
        A. The description of Labuhan Bajo
        B. The tourist attraction offered in Denpasar.
        C. The satisfied opinion from the foreign divers.
        D. The writer’s impression about Komodo Island.

17. What is the main tourist attraction in Labuhan Bajo?
        A. Beautiful beaches.
        B. Cultural dancing.
        C. Domestic airport.
        D. Large creature.

18. “The surrounding sea is idyllic for diving and snorkeling.” (paragraph 2)
       The synonym of the word “idyllic” is ….
        A. Stressful.
        B. Peaceful.
        C. Principle.
        D. Standard.

Questions number 19 and 22 based on the text below!
Andik Vermansyah , who was born in Jember on 23rd November 1991, is an Indonesian football player. He is now a free agent. He is considered as one of ten Asian players to watch in 2012 by ESPN Soccernet. 
He spent his childhood selling ice as a means of earning money for his family. His parents, earning barely enough money for living expenditures, had little fund to help Andik realize his dream as a footballer. At first Andik was not allowed to pursue his football career due to his family's economic condition. However, a strongly motivated Andik did not gave up on his dream of becoming a professional footballer. He did everything he could to pursue his dream by all means and he had to sell cake and ice to fund his burgeoning career. Andik  played football for inter-village tournament, just to be able to buy a pair of football shoes. He received his big break when the coach of SSB Suryanaga, Rudi, discovered his talents. Rudi offered Andik to play at a football academy in Jember, free of charge
Andik started his career with Persebaya (1927) U-18. With Persebaya (1927) U-18, Andik won the East Java Regional Youth League in 2007. And in that year, Andik presented gold medals to the city of Surabaya in the Provincial Sports Week. On 6 October 2013 following a trial in Ventforet Kofu, in his debut he scored a goal in a reserves match against Shimizu S-Pulse. His performance made headlines in Japanese newspapers and impressed the 2,000 supporters in attendance. On 1 December 2013, Andik joined Malaysian side Selangor on a two-years contract. He chose Selangor because they offered him a bigger salary than the salary offered by Ventforet Kofu. Andik has expanded his contract with Selangor FA until 2017 worth 3 billion Rupiah's making him the most paid footballer in Indonesia.

19. The second paragraph tells about ….
        A. Andik’s childhood experience.
        B. Andik’s struggle to be a football player.
        C. Andik’s career as a professional player.
        D. Andik’s dream to play at football tournament.

20. Why was Andik interested to be a football player?
        A. It was due to his childhood background.
        B. He wanted to be a very popular person.
        C. It was his obsession since he was a child.
        D. He wanted to help his parents earning money.

21. How old was Andik when he won the Youth League Regional East Java?
        A. 16 years old
        B. 17 years old
        C. 18 years old
        D. 19 years old

22. “…had little fund to help Andik realize his dream as a footballer.”  The word “realize’ has similar meaning to ….
       A. release
       B. offend
       C. damage
       D. achieve

Questions number 23 and 26 refer to the following text!
Doctor is a popular job. It takes great responsibility to work as a doctor. Minor mistakes made by a doctor can bring the lost of a patient. 
There are a lot of jobs that doctors must do. They are expected to evaluate symptoms and run a test to determine what is wrong with a patient. If a doctor does not know what the diagnosis should be, it is his or her responsibility to do necessary research. 
Notes are kept on each patient to ensure that any medical professional can walk into a room and know what has been done in the past. It is also a way to track the patients’ progress during recovery. 
Writing prescriptions is a major part of doctors’ jobs. They must know how much medicine to prescribe based on the patients’ history; they also need to know how two drugs can interact with one another. 
A doctor needs to know not only how to treat the current conditions, but also how to advise the patient on how to prevent another occurrence.

23. What is mainly discussed in the text above?
        A. The duties of a doctor.
        B. Getting a job as a doctor.
        C. Vacancy for a doctor position.
        D. The success of being a doctor.

24. What is the purpose of the text?
        A. To practice the doctor’s job.
        B. To explain the doctor’s profession.
        C. To educate the doctors in their job.
        D. To describe the doctor’s jobs and responsibilities.

25. Why does a doctor keep a note on their patient?
        A. To know how to prescribe certain drugs to the patients.
        B. To track the patients’ complaints.
        C. To ensure the health condition of the patients.
        D. To cure the patients’ certain illness. 

26. “…but also how to advise the patient on how to prevent another occurrence. (Paragraph 5). The synonym of the word “to prevent” is ….
       A. to follow.
       B. to pursue.
       C. to catch.
       D. to avert.

27. Read the following dialog and answer the question! offering
Tourist : I don’t know this place. Can you tell me where it is located?
Native : Well, it’s far enough.  Would you like me to show you the place?
Tourist : Really? It’s very kind of you.

What can we learn from the dialog above?
A. The native accaepts the tourist’s help.
B. The native is in doubt about the location.
C. The native is not really sure about the location.
D. The native offers the tourist a help as a guide.

28. Read the following dialog and answer the question!
        Yossy : Have you decide where will we stay on our vacation?
        Sean  : Not yet. Would you like to stay at the Luxury Hotel or at the Queen?
        Yossy : Well, the Luxury hotel isn’t as convenient as the Queen.
        Sean  : Yes, and it is less expensive than the Luxury, so we won’t spend a lot money.

What are they going to do?
        A. They will book a room in the Queen hotel.
        B. They’re going to stay at the Luxury hotel.
        C. They will spend much money for the trip.
        D. They are going to postpone their holiday.

29. Read the following dialog and answer the question! 
Andra        : Hi, Anya. Have you seen The Conjuring movie?
Anya          : Hi, Andra. I have not seen that movie. Why?
Andra : Would you like to see The Conjuring movie with me tonight?
Anya          : Unfortunately. I can’t because I am scared of horror movie.
       Andra        : Okay if you are scared of horror movie. Shall we come to fireworks party in the downtown?
Anya           : With pleasure. I love firework much.

        Why does Anya refuse to watch the Conjuring with Andra?
        A. Anya feels afraid to watch it.
        B. He is scared with horror movie.
        C. She likes attending the party.
        D. Indra makes Anya in love with him.

30. Lena  : Shall I call Pizza Roma to order delivery?
Syifa  : …. I’m starving.    
        A. No, not for now
        B. Sure, let’s go to the kitchen
        C. No, it’s time for studying
        D. Sure, if you want to

31. Rani : What do you think about providing an interesting website?
       Rina : ... it can be a media to greet our customer
        A. I don’t agree with you
        B. I can’t agree more
        C. I’m not sure
        D. No, you’re wrong

32. Room service   : Is there anything else Mr. Darmawan?
       Guest               : Please, … ! 
       Room service : It will be sent right away, Sir
        A. Send me the schedule
        B. Give me extra bed
        C. Send him extra towel
        D. Take it to the office

33. Joan : Hi, how are you?
      Craig : Oh, not so good
      Joan : Gee, what’s the matter?
      Craig : I have a terrible cold
      Joan : …
        A. You should finish your work soon
        B. Why don’t you go to the doctor
        C. You’d better get your vacation
        D. Why don’t you see a dentist

34. Nakula       : Let me see your outfit for the party. 
        Sadewa     : Here it is, what do you think?
        Nakula       : .... it covers your big belly well.
        A. What a great cap!
        B. You have a fancy shirt!
        C. How nice your sneakers are!
        D. Your trousers are just wonderful!

35. Nana         : The manager is okay for the discussion. 
        Nanang : …
        Nana        : We will meet tomorrow, at nine, in his room
        A. Oh my God!
        B. How are you feeling now?
        C. How interesting, what’s next?
        D. I know what you mean

36. Rino : Yesterday, I came to your house, but you weren’t there. Where were you actually?
        Ria : … I’m sorry I didn’t tell you
        A. I washed my car at my back yard
        B. I went shopping with my daughter
        C. We had our lunch at home
        D. You came yesterday

37. Deno : What time are we leaving?
        Deni : If you are ready earlier, …
        A. We will leave at dawn
        B. We would leave at dawn
        C. We left at dawn
        D. We had left at dawn

38. Guest : I haven’t received today’s newspaper.
       Hotel staff : …
        Guest : Okay, I am waiting
        A. Sorry, we had delivered it to your room
        B. Ok, it is being delivered to your room
        C. Ok, it was delivered to your room
        D. Well, it delivered  to your room

39. Dewi  :  We normally go for a walk every morning, ...?
       Dewa :  I don’t really like exercising in the morning. I do it in the afternoon. And it takes twice a week.
A. how far is the stadium from your house
        B. how often do you exercise
        C. what do you do 
D. what are you

40. Mr. Zakaria  : What should we order, Lamb steak or mushroom steak?
       Mrs. Zakaria : …
       Mr. Zakaria  : Sounds good to me.
       A. I like steak better than fried rice
       B. I prefer mushroom to lamb
       C. I would rather have dinner at home
       D. I like the menu 

41. Lara         : Do you like playing music instrument, Firman?
       Firman : No, … 
         A. I like to play guitar
        B. I started singing when I was six
        C. I enjoy singing very much
D. Playing music is my hobby

Questions 42 to 44 refer to the following Procedure !

Installing the SIM card
Before installing the SIM card, always make sure that the phone is ... (42) off and you can then remove the battery 
1. With the back of the phone facing you, press the release button. Slide and lift the back
   cover off the phone in the arrows. 
2. Lift the battery out the phone, the bottom part first.
3. Insert the SIM card into the phone. Make sure that ... (43) is positioned correctly and
   that the golden contact area on the card is facing downwards. 
4. Replace the battery. 
5. Replace the back cover. Make sure that the locking catches ... (44) the sides of the covers go
   in the notches on the phone. 

42. A. switched
      B. kicked
      C. sent
      D. got

43. A. he
      B. she
      C. it 
      D. they

44. A. in
      B. on
      C. from
      D. for

Question number 45 to 47 refer to the following Announcement ! 

SMK Cerdas Basketball Club opens ... (45) for new members. For all students who are interested in basketball can come to the basket court at Wednesday and Saturday at 3 pm to fill in a registration form and join our ... (46) training.
For more information, ... (47) can contact Donny Rendra at 0857123456789

45. A. development
      B. department
      C. advertisement
      D. recruitment

46. A. graduated
      B. scheduled
      C. communicated
      D. congratulated

47. A. I
      B. you
      C. they
      D. he

Questions 48 to 50 refer to the following Letter !

Lovely Lady Fashions
32 Elizabeth Bay Road
Sydney, Australia

                                                                           December 15th, 2016
Mrs. R.S.W.  Manggala
Jewelry Export (PTE) Ltd.
40 Galle Face Road
Colombo 1, Sri Lanka

Dear Mrs. Manggala,

Please send me ... (48) regarding your company’s new line of jewelry. I will be in India, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka next summer and I would like to .... (49) the possibility of importing your jewelry into Australia.

My associates in London have been very happy with the quality of gems you have sent them. I look forward to doing business with you ... (50) the future.


                                                                                         James Goodwin
                                                                                          Import Manager
48. A. announcement
      B. entertainment
      C. information
      D. invitation

49. A. discuss
      B. meet 
      C. come
      D. visit

50. A. on
      B. of
      C. at
      D. in

Sekian dulu postingan pada hari ini, nantikan soal-soal latihan UN SMK yang lainnya. Semoga dengan postingan diatas tentang Latihan Soal UN SMK Bahasa Inggris 2018 dapat membantu dan bermanfaat untuk adik-adik yang sedang mempersiapkan UN SMK/MAK dan SMA/MA terutama saat menjelang ujian tiba. Jangan lupa untuk di share juga ke teman-teman kalian, agar teman kalian juga mendapatkan referensi baru dari soal yang saya bagikan. Good Luck! Sampai jumpa di postingan selanjutnya. Salam


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